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Nora Eek

Nora Eek


This short dance film reflects upon the frustration and boreddom of an artist during lockdown. The dissapointment and longing for normality, but also the passion and the urge to keep moving and creating, a need to stay creative in the face of a new situation. 

With the theatres and dance studios closed, and all performances cancelled, I found myself having to work a completely different job. But who was to say that wasn’t just a new arena for movement and an opportunity for experimenting.

Dancer: Nora Eek

Filmed by:  Fryd i rammen

Editing: Nora Eek

Music and sound effects: Red dictionary, Alan Carlson-Green, Enigmanic and SFX producer

Sound editing and production: Nora Eek

Trondheim, Norway

© 2020 by Nora Eek

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