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Nora Eek

Photo by Wenche Eek

SYv Søstre

Seven tops, seven mountains, seven sisters. Strong and steady they lean on each other. Sun, snow, storm, and fog, midnight sun and dark polar nights. The sisters do not complain. They do not move. War, politics, people and ideas come and go. The sisters stay still.

When the world seems unrecognisable, the mountains are a comfort. They don`t change. They don`t disappear.

There is no place like home.

Dancer: Nora Eek

FIlmed by:  Fryd i rammen

Music: Savvun

Editing: Nora Eek

Text: Nora Eek & Wenche Eek

Assistents: Grethe Steen & Anniken Steen

Sandnessjøen, Norway

© 2020 by Nora Eek

Syv Søstre

Photo by Grethe Steen
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