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Nora Eek



Synnøve Eek

Photo by Etienne Moreau 

Nora is a contemporary dancer and physical theatre performer from Trondheim, Norway. Her work is rooted in her curiosity towards communication, contact and relations between people, and what role the body and it`s movements play in that. In her practice, Nora draws inspiration form a variety of movement, from automatic everyday gestures, and body language almost unconsciously communicating our emotions, and reactions, to movements designed to reach a goal. Techniques developed in dance, sports, theatre, and all areas of life, are taught as the most efficient way to complete an actions. Through her work Nora wants to explore and challenge those techniques, and the difference between techniques developed to reach aesthetic goals and practical goals.

Nora trained at Trondheim Katedralskole in Norway, before she moved on to study at Copenhagen Contemporary Dance School in Denmark, and Cobosmika SEEDs in Spain. After graduating she joined the Jasmin Vardimon professional development program JV2. As a part of the JV2 company Nora performed and toured works by Jasmin Vardimon, David Loyd - Mischief company and Maria Doulgeri.

Since then, Nora has been based in London, working as a freelance artist. As a part of Collectif Art-y-show she choreographed and performed “Quien escucha, quien sigue?”. A duet performed at Vin&Valsen dance festival in Norway. Dancing for Poetic Disaster Club, she joined the creation of Guy Wizemans Before/After, which was set to tour the Netherlands and Belgium. Sadly, the tour was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, and the premiere had to go online. Nora has worked with choreographers including Yasen Vasilev, Elke Selnes and Juliette Tellier and danced in short films by directors Francisco Mazziotti and Vasco de Oliveira. She has also collaborated with artists from different disciplines such as the music band Uglesett, directing and dancing in the music video for their single Ned Fossen, and photographers Frydirammen and Etiene Moreau – Moraxfotography. Together with Jeanne Garcia, Nora founded the collective Kunstorain, exploring the connection between dance and technology, creating several dance films.


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